David Cantarero Tomás

Visual Arts

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David Cantarero Tomás (Teruel, 1979) graduated from the University of Barcelona in Fine Arts, where also obtained a Master’s Degree in Contemporary Thought. He is currently pursuing a PhD program, having earned a Master’s Degree in Art Practice from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. He completed his studies at the UWE, in Bristol (UK) and at the FAD-UNAM, in Mexico City. He has been awarded in different calls and prizes such as the Biennale of Mislata, Public Art Prize 2016, the Grants for the Production of Art Projects 2016 of the BilbaoArte Foundation, the XV CALL of the Luis Adelantado Gallery (Valencia) or the University of Zaragoza Art Prize 2010. He has also enjoyed different artist-in-residence programs like the last at the Kunsthaus Bregenz in Austria, or the SAARI Residence 2014 in Finland, and has exhibited in a number of different international art centres and galleries.


By the intervention in surfaces and spaces through different types of images, either in the form of printings and/or projections, I generate artworks that would acquire various forms such as photography, video or audio-visual installation, and that could be catalogued as metapictures, i.e. second-degree visual reflections on what the images themselves are. Showing a certain effect of strangeness that in some occasions is produced by occultation/exhibition and in others by saturation/repetition, the artworks will tackle issues related to the modes of circulation of images nowadays, as well as to the actuality of notions such as representation, simulacrum or mimesis, and aspects related to the impact of mass media and technology at individual and social level.