David Cantarero Tomás

Visual Arts

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Extrañar la imagen, extrañar la mirada

By the intervention in surfaces and spaces through different types of images, either in the form of printings and/or projections, I generate artworks that would acquire various forms such as photography, video or audio-visual installation, and that could be catalogued as metapictures, i.e. second-degree visual reflections on what the images themselves are. Showing a certain effect of strangeness that in some occasions is produced by occultation/exhibition and in others by saturation/repetition, the artworks will tackle issues related to the modes of circulation of images nowadays, as well as to the actuality of notions such as representation, simulacrum or mimesis, and aspects related to the impact of mass media and technology at individual and social level.

Works belonging to the project / research line

Techno-fossil III & IV (Marjal dels Moros)
Lake Constance –Bodensee– (surface) II
Lake Constance –Bodensee– (bottom) II
3D Zoetrope / Black poplar pollard
One and three(thousand) logs
Flags (series)
Lake Constance –Bodensee– (surface)
Lake Constance –Bodensee– (bottom)
Pyrus communis (Valtorres)
Pinus halepensis (II) (Valtorres)
Log IV (automimesis)
Techno-fossil I & II (Gorrondatxe)
Log-wood (techno-entropy)

Door (II)
Bancos de imagen
Horizons line
Stone (automimesis)
No title (2014)
Door (2014)
S/T (No title): Saaren Tetraedri
Log II (automimesis)
No title (2013)
Leaf (installation)
Leaf (video)
Log (automimesis)
Door (2013)
Sunset on the meadow of the river Riguel